2017-2018 Faculty and Staff

2017-2018 Faculty and Staff
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Administrator:  Mr. Scott Clough

Administrative Assistant:  Mrs. Carolyn Mannino

Bookkeeper:  Mrs. Evelyn Lesko

School Nurse:  Mrs. Wendy Frake

Parish DRE and support for our school community:  Mrs. Patty Nettleton


PK-3 and PK-4 Teacher:  Mrs. Julie Larracuente

PK-3 Aid: Mrs. Barbara Garry
PK-4 Aid: Mrs. Lisa Roselli


Kindergarten Teachers:  Mrs. Karen Arena and Mrs. Kathy Dudzinski

Kindergarten Aid:  Mrs. Karen Zayas


Grade 1:  Mrs. Jill DeRienzi


Grade 2:  Ms. Stacey Zenowich


Grade 3:  Ms. Danielle Barberi


Grade 4:  Mrs. Janet Rodriquez


Grade 5:  Mrs. Marian Rabel


Grade 6:  Ms. Melissa Giacomi


Grade 7:  Mrs. Lynn Olins


Grade 8:  Mrs. Agnes Miller


Resource Teacher/Support and Enrichment:  Mrs. Leslie Orendorf


Art:  Ms. Sarah Carrano


Computer:  Ms. Emily Spoldi


Library:  Mrs. Barbara Garry


Music:  Mr. Christopher Siena


Physical Education:  Ms. Therese Liptak


Spanish:  Mrs. Theresa LeFever 
                Mrs. Maria Arroyo


After School Program Coordinator:  Mrs. Julie Larracuente and Mrs. Kathy Dudzinski